Saturday, 30 April 2016

How SAP HR organization works as a single unit


We need to look at two types of Relationships in SAP

1.Relationships with same Object Types

2.Relationships with different Object Types

Lets look into them in detail -
Relationships with Same Object Types
sap organizational management tutorial
  • Organizational units are related with each other to form a hierarchical structure.
  • Each organizational unit is created as an individual object type. Using the example above, the organizational unit of "Region Office" is an object type, as are the organizational units of Finance & Accounting and Human Resources.
  • To create the interrelated hierarchy, a relationship must exist between Regional Office and Finance & Accounting and between Regional Office and Human Resources.
  • Relationships are formed in both directions, therefore Regional Office incorporates Finance & Accounting and Finance & Accounting belongs to the Regional Office.
  • When you create a relationship between objects, SAP automatically creates the corresponding reverse   relationship.
Relationships with Different Object Types
sap organizational management tutorial
  • Any SAP organizational unit will have positions attached to it. The organizational units object would therefore be linked the position object types as a relationship.
  • In the example detailed above, the organizational unit object of Human Resources has a relationship of 'incorporates' with the position object of HR Manager, therefore the position object of HR Manager has a relationship of 'belongs to' with the organizational unit object of Human Resources.
Common relationships
sap organizational management tutorial
  • Objects are linked though relationships.
  • You create relationships between the individual elements in your organizational plan. Several linked objects can represent a structure. There are different types of relationships, as the type of connections between elements varies
sap organizational management tutorial


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