Wednesday, 27 April 2016

How to Create Position

In the SAP command prompt , Enter transaction PPOME
In the next SAP screen, click the sap-om-create-organizational-unit button.

In the next SAP screen, Enter the start date of the new position
Next , search for the organizational unit to which new position will be added. Enter the name of the organizational unit and click find.

In the results window , double click on the desired result.
The selected organizational unit will be displayed in the overview section. Select the target org unit and click create.
The next SAP pop-up window enables you to choose the relationship between the Organizational unit and Position. Select "Incorporates"
In the details section , give information of the new position that  you are creating and Click the save button.
In the overview section , you will notice that the new position has been added under the Organizational unit.

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