Thursday, 21 April 2016

Introduction to SAP HR

What is SAP HR?

The acronym “SAP,” for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, is the name of a corporation that specializes in business products and services designed to improve operational efficiency. All types and sizes of businesses use SAP’s “enterprise application software” to manage people, information, products and processes. SAP designs one of its major products for human resources, also called human capital management.

The SAP Corporation

The SAP AG corporation, which is based in Germany, has locations in more than 100 countries. SAP North America, located in Pennsylvania, is a subsidiary of SAP AG. The company’s software applications include 34 currencies and languages. Users can track compliance with more than 80 local regulations. SAP’s comprehensive software solutions offer information management, automation, standardization and integration of systems and processes across organizational divides.

Human Resource Solutions

The SAP HR software offers businesses and industries automation, standardization, streamlining and increased control over cost and legal compliance. The SAP HR software suite includes several modules, such as core HR and Payroll, talent management, workforce planning and analysis, mobile HR solutions, HR for small and medium enterprises and cloud-computing for Internet-based management and integration of all HR software modules.

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