Wednesday, 11 May 2016

All About Infotype 0003 – Payroll Status

Infotype 003 - Payroll Status
  • It automatically stores data that controls the employee's payroll run and time evaluation.
  • It is created automatically by the system, in the background, during the Hiring Action.
  • Data is updated automatically when time is evaluated, payroll is run, or changes are made to the payroll past for the employee.
  • Data stored in this infotype should be changed ONLY in exceptional cases, as these changes will affect the employee's payroll processing and/or retroactive accounting
SAP Training Hub- Infotype 003 Payroll Status
Earl.pers. RA dateSets the exact date back to which the system can run retroactive accounting.
Run Payroll up toDay to when the employee will have payroll run even if he or she has left the company.
Do not Account AfterPayroll is run for this employee until this date. LockedEmployees can be locked for payroll.
Accounted toDate until which payroll has taken place for an employee.
Earliest MD ChangeThe program recognizes whether and when payroll must be repeated to take master data changes into account.
MD Change BonusTo perform retroactive accounting in connection with bonus accounting.
Payroll CorrectionIf the personnel number has been rejected or data has been changed in the correction phase.
Maintain IT003 :
To maintain Payroll Status in your SAP HR command prompt enter transaction PU03
1.Enter the Personnel number.
2.Click Validate
3.Click Execute
Maintain Data as required.

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