Monday, 30 May 2016

How to Execute Payroll in Background

When running payroll for large employee range it is advisable to process it in the background.

In SAP Command Prompt , Enter Transaction PC00_MXX_CALC , where XX = Molga of the country for which you want to run the payroll.

Enter the Payroll  Area and Payroll Schema
In SAP Menu Bar , Click
  1. Program
  2. Execute in Background
In the SAP -Output Device Dialog Box
  1. Enter Device as LOCL (local)
  2. Click the check mark
An Information message stating Format is set to X_65_132 is shown. Click Check Mark to proceed ahead.

Click Immediate and then click the save button so the job is scheduled instantaneously.  Alternatively you can also specify a date and time to run the job.
Go To Transaction SM37 to check your Job.

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