Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Intoduction to Organization and Staffing Transaction

The Organization and Staffing transaction is the easiest way to manage SAP HR - OM(Organization Management) for an end-user who does not have an in-depth, technical knowledge of SAP.

This is a user-friendly transaction accessible via Human Resources>Organizational Management>Organizational Plan> Organization and Staffing>Create, Change, Display.

SAP Transaction Codes
  • Create -PPOCE
  • Change- PPOME
  • Display -PPOSE
For all three transactions the main screen is divided into two areas Object Manager & Work Area.
sap om organization and staffing transaction
Each of the two main areas is subdivided into panes:
  1. Object Manager -Comprising a search area and a selection area. The Object Manager is available in numerous HR user interfaces.
  2. Work Area - Comprising an overview area and a detail area.
The four areas in the Organization and Staffing interface enable you to navigate for informationand remain on the same screen. The following is a graphic depiction of the screen:

sap om

  • Search Area - Gives you a wide array of search options to locate your SAP OM objects
  • Selection Area - The results of your search appears in the Selection Area.
  • Overview Area - The search result selected in the Selection Area appears in Over view Area. The overview area gives you an icon based view of your OM object's  hierarchy.
  • Detail Area- Attributes related to the selected OM object can be edited in the detail area.

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