Monday, 6 June 2016

What is Wage Type Reporter

The Wage type Reporter is a comprehensive flexible SAP reporting tool that reports on wagetypes held in the RT(Results Table). It can be run to produce values that were paid for a date range or for values that were paid in a particular period. It can also be used to run comparisons between payroll periods and also for additional payroll results. It can be run on a YTD basis. It is the main Standard SAP Payroll Report and should always be run and used as verification of your payroll.

In the SAP command prompt , Enter transaction PC00_M99_CWTR
In the next SAP screen under section SELECTION

  • Enter the Personnel Number, if you wish to evaluate a specific employee.
  • Enter the Payroll area.
  • Enter any other selection criteria defining the group of employees you wish to evaluate
Click Payroll Period.

  • Select the Regular Payroll Run radio button.
  • Enter the Payroll area and Payroll period.
  • If you want to compare payroll results from different payroll periods, flag the Payroll Comparison checkbox.  Then, enter the appropriate payroll area and payroll period to use as comparison.
Under Period determination, select the In-view payroll periods radio button.

  • Under Other selections, you can enter specific wage types you wish to display in the report.
  • Use the Object selection function to select objects to be displayed as columns in the list.

  • In the Output section, tick the appropriate output type.
  • If applicable, next to the output type, select a pre-defined layout.
  • Click Execute
Check the results of the wage type report.

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